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Some ideas of Language Art

Cinquain and senses poems


Language Art

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1. Complete the sentences from the words below.

My friend likes ___________________ .

 ____________________once/twice/theree times a week  

  ___________________ at the weekend.

2. Brainstorm some adjectives.

Happy    _____                   _______        

Tired    _____                   _______

Relaxed    ______                 ________ 

3. Now, use the adjectives to make longer sentences.

  E.g. At the weekend my friend is happy and relaxed but not tired.

4. Brainstorm some prepositions.

On          ____            ____

Near       ____            ____

After       ____           _____

 5. Now, use the prepositions to make longer, more interesting sentences.

 E.g. At  the weekend my friend is happy and relaxed in front of his TV but not tired .

 6. Brainstorm some conjunctions

So     ____          _____

Until     ______            _______

And     _____           _______

7. Use the conjunctions to make even longer sentences.

 E.g.  Till the late evening at the weekend my friend is happy and relaxed  in front of his TV  but not tired .

8. Now write your own 10 word sentences.







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