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Classroom strategies

1. Before a difficult class, find something positive to focus on, and walk in as if you were looking forward to teaching this class.  

2. Set the rules and expectations clearly at the start of teaching. Beginnings are very

important. Rules need to be few, clear and positive. If possible, discuss them with the

class and make sure everyone is clear about why a rule is important.  

3. Think about your body language, and how you are standing in the classroom.  

4. Stand in one place to give instructions. Match your actions with your instructions.  

5. Don’t give instructions for the next stage when you are walking to the front of the class. Most learners will need to be looking at you to understand the task.

6. Check instructions by giving an example of what you want them to do and then asking the learners for an example.

7. Distract at the point of conflict. Most learners are quite easily thrown off-track by a positive remark about something else or a comment about something else you know about them or their interests. Give positive reinforcement as soon as possible after a conflict. Acknowledge that the learner is now back on track, or any attempt they make to participate appropriately.

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