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Some thoughts about lesson planning

As I am doing my online course at the moment there are some thoughts I would like to share with English teachers...

Lesson planning

I don’t think the size of the lesson plan matters. The main thing here is its usability. To plan my lesson I start thinking of the aims first. It’s obvious they must be   specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed.
Much attention is paid to the class profile, that is: who the students are; what can be expected of them, how the group and the individuals in it behave as the   activities I am going to do in class depend on the learners I teach.

I need my lesson plan to reflect on my learners’ and my activity after the lesson is  over  to rethink it again , find out what went right/wrong and what I would do differently next time.
For sure, I need the plan to predict some anticipated problems and be ready with extra activities/material (just in case).
 The structure of the lesson plan, that is: Introduction, Warm-up, Main part, Summing –up, Home assignment- is a must but the stages may be changed depending of the things mentioned above.
The crucial part of lesson planning is evaluation (The ways it can be done. In secondary school my learners prefer self-evaluation and peer evaluation first; then they ask me for mine).
I think my lesson planning may change as the result of input of this unit.   To compare things practiced already and information presented here and then   apply everything in a particular class is the way to develop lesson planning. Why? I am here for professional development, ideas exchange and it’s a life-lasting process, so I never stop learning.

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