вторник, 9 февраля 2016 г.

Magic moments filled with "thanks"

Magic moments filled with “thanks”
Dear all,

This is the last day of our competition today and it’s high time to thank everybody for the memories we have been sharing. For the progress we have made, the fun and improvement, even for the sleepless nights before the lesson and the project presentation.   
First of all, many thanks to the members of jury for being tolerant, patient and supportive.
Moreover, I am happy to have met the participants of the competition with whom I am sure we will keep in touch. Thank you for sharing your ideas, nice discussion we managed to have during our short breaks.
Besides, I really appreciate the welcome of the teachers from  Kherson Classic School #6. I’ll never forget the moments we met, the lesson I’ve chosen, your gentle support and the best learners I’ve ever had.

My special thanks to young ladies and gentlemen from 11-A and 11-B forms for being bright and tolerant, creative, wise and responsible. The topic we discussed
“ The Lessons of History: The Outstanding People in the History”,   your thoughts and ideas  were the  brightest  evidence   that  you are the future of our nation and you are not scared of taking responsibility for what you do and  the way you do.    

I can’t erase the memory of these magic moments filled with thanks.

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